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EtrusCon Prices

EtrusCon is held during a week-end from 5:30pm of Friday to 6:00pm of the following Sunday.
You can participate in one of the following ways:
  1. Staying in the hotel and paying an all-inclusive fare (see below for services) for 1 or 2 nights
  2. Participating as an "outsider" , paying a daily fare which gives you the access to the open bar and the possibility to pay a special price to have meals in the hotel restaurant. 
The prices of the accomodations depend on the number of nights you want to stay and what type of room you choose. You'll find them in the following table. The prices are per person!!!
Important: the fares don't include the City Tax which is an additional fee you must consider to calculate the total cost. It's in the corresponding row in the table.
The prices are valid only for the Convention which is officially announced in the blog so they can have variations during the time. 
The 1-Night packet includes a Full Board arrangment for one night (either Friday or Saturday) of the Convention plus one additional meal.
The 2-nights packet includes the Full Board Arrangment for both Friday and Saturday night
Both the offerings include the following services:
  1. Breakfast for all the days of the staying, excluding the day of the arrival. 
  2. Free drinks at the bar and the restaurant. However wines are not included, with the exception of the house wine.
  3. Use of the Swimming pool
  4. Free wi-fi
  5. Any other service the hotel normally offers for free.
The packets don't include anything which is not above and all the services for which the hotel normally requires a fee.

If you don't want to stay in the hotel you can participate as an outer guest, paying €6,00 per day. This fee gives you the right for the services of the points 3,4,5 from the list above and free drinks from bar only. Again the house wine is the only type of wine which is included in the offering.
Convention participants who want to have a meal which is not included in their packet, can do that paying €15,00. During this meal the drinks  will be free like indicated in the point 2 above. Even in this case the only free wine is the house wine, i.e. other type of wines need to be payed.

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